Video Management System and Video Analytics

Video Management System and Analytics solution is aimed at connecting numerous IP cameras with PTZ controls in a defined geographical boundary and providing a remote, centralized, unified control center for video surveillance of the area. Streaming data feeds from the cameras are collated, transformed and stored in the Data Hub.

Real-time video analytics are performed on the streaming data to detect abnormal events or threats and trigger alerts, notifications to appropriate stakeholders for response mechanism and actuate devices (eg. set off a voice activated warning to ward off an intruder).

The video wall in the control center provides the ability to view live video streams from any of the multiple cameras in the network or to playback videos by fetching them from the data store. Pan, tilt, and zoom control operations can be performed remotely on any of the connected IP cameras for a closer look at the live happenings.

Video data collated at isolated data centers can be analyzed using batch processes. Monitoring the operational status of the cameras, edge analytics, firmware updates on cameras are among the other device monitoring and device control functions provided by Video Management System solution.

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