Testing Automation

Software Test Automation and quality assurance services aim at improving the quality and speed of product delivery with faster and comprehensive testing solutions, leveraging DevOps capabilities and Agile frameworks.

The breadth of the Test Automation solutions spans web applications, mobile apps and end-to-end enterprise applications testing.

The solutions provide capabilities for:

  • Functional testing – Front-end/UI testing, back-end application and business logic, workflows and processes.

  • Non-functional testing and Performance benchmarking

  • Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing

  • Regression testing

Approach to test automation:

  • Assess testing objectives and define automation needs and scope.

  • Determine testing approach (Test Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development, Data Driven Development, Unit Testing/ System testing/ Integration testing), test coverage, and test criteria.

  • Select automation tools and framework.

  • Create automation test scripts, test data, and test configurations.

  • Execute testing and report detailed test results of varying granularity.

  • Create automation test pack and hand-off for maintenance at client site or in the cloud.


  • Significantly reduces effort required for running tests and analyzing test results.

  • Ensures higher product quality by focusing on test completeness and test coverage of functional components by reducing repeated and redundant tasks..

  • Eliminates errors and delays induced by manual testing.

  • Ensures uniform functionality across multiple platforms - web and mobile.

  • Speeds up go-to-market timeline.

  • Enables plug-and-play capability of inducing Continuous Testing into the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipeline.

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