Innoart´s testing team validates customers´ applications independently. We work simultaneously with the development team to ensure test integration and enhance the teams´ efficiency. Innoart uses metrics-driven parameters, such as test case density, defect density and defect aging to make our testing more effective. Our testing team draws up various business scenarios to provide end-to-end requirements traceability and comprehensive test coverage. Customers gain an immediate return on investment as defects are detected earlier, resulting in minimizing recurrence and earlier rectification.

Innoart's testing services

Develop test strategy

Draw up the test plan

Prepare test cases and test scripts

Innoart Test Range

Functional testing

Non-functional testing

Unit testing

System integration testing

Regression testing

Innoart is a technology company focused on being innovative, agile and unconventional like inclusion of artistic means to design innovation process and ensure necessary time and creative space for the development of innovation.

We are primarily based in Chennai, a cultural and urbanized city in South India with the longest natural urban beach in the country, along the Bay of Bengal. It is also called ‘The Detroit of India’.

With an innovative culture, our purpose is to solve problems and create solutions that organize information for people and organizations and empower them with intelligence, knowledge and wealth.