Low Code System

With change being the only constant in business dynamics, there is a need to enable business users and functional SMEs to take charge of delivering functional software applications powered by the Low Code Application Platform and automating business processes and workflows.

The platform provides many benefits:

  • accelerating product/service delivery creation of mobile and web apps

  • low-code integration with data, systems and services to deliver business workflows and process

  • less effort and time spent in translating business needs to functional software

  • involving development team only to implement back-end services only when required

  • accelerating continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous deployment pipeline

  • easy integration with pre-built business intelligence and analytics engine

  • easy customization through forms and fields for capturing workflows and data flows

  • accelerating go-to-market timeline

The platform offers the following features that empower businesses and enable technology teams to seamlessly deliver and enhance product and service capabilities:

  • Point-click, drag-drop visual interface for creating workflows and applications

  • Pre-developed application shell components

  • Pre-built cross-platform security features

  • Pre-developed modules and UI templates that are fully tested for multiple mobile devices, web and native/progressive apps

  • UI based integration between data layer, business logic and application front-end

  • Configurations based business rules definition and implementation

  • Auto-scaling of data storage and resources and load-balancing

  • System performance monitoring, back-up and recovery mechanisms

Innoart is a technology company focused on being innovative, agile and unconventional like inclusion of artistic means to design innovation process and ensure necessary time and creative space for the development of innovation.

We are primarily based in Chennai, a cultural and urbanized city in South India with the longest natural urban beach in the country, along the Bay of Bengal. It is also called ‘The Detroit of India’.

With an innovative culture, our purpose is to solve problems and create solutions that organize information for people and organizations and empower them with intelligence, knowledge and wealth.