IoT - Device Management:

IoT integration solution focuses on integrating with IoT sensors, devices and other instrumentation, managed as a group of single devices or a fleet of devices within a domain.

The functionality provided

  • Device onboarding and provisioning

  • Secure and remote device connectivity and data transfer

  • Real-time, time series data collation, aggregation, monitoring and reporting

  • Real time analytics

  • Device lifecycle management

  • Device monitoring and control/actuation

  • Device firmware updates over the air (FUOTA)

  • Security at all levels - device layer, data layer, and transmission layers

The solution provided is scalable to industrial and commercial scale, is vendor-agnostic, and supports all of the common and prevalent IoT communication protocols.

The solution is built on a software platform that offers modularized, componentized, containerized and orchestrated architecture supported by low-code processes and services for device onboarding, monitoring, etc. The architecture lends itself to fast go-live implementations, on the cloud or on-premises, with high availability and ease of scalability. Security is factored into all layers of the solution from utilizing PKI, digital certificates, role-based authorization, and end-to-end encryption for data in transit and in storage.

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