Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) platform is an integrated, connected intelligence suite of solutions aimed to connect and integrate multiple domains, systems, applications, devices, and end-users and to derive meaningful, actionable, insightful information. The platform powers a smart city’s unified digital infrastructure and functions as master systems integrator, decision support system and operations control center. It integrates with urban infrastructure to enable Smart and Safe Cities, to empower citizens and provide decision support engine for administrators and managers.

The platform provides an open, inter-operable, unified information view through real-time visualization, geo-spatial visualization with real-time analytics and business intelligence. The platform comprises Integration Hub, Data Hub with multi model and multi store for multi-domain data, Analytics Hub, Visualization and Operations Control Hub as key sub-systems.

Below are the key components of ICCC platform

  • Integration Hub

  • Surveillance Hub

  • BI & Analytics Hub

  • Data Hub – Multi Model Multi Store

  • Visualization Hub

  • Reporting Hub

  • Communications Hub

The Integration Hub is capable of establishing secure and bi-directional data transmission channels with diverse, heterogeneous cross-domain data sources varying in data flow velocity and volume like video streaming, time series real-time data from myriad sensors, IoT devices and instrumentation, open public domain data, enterprise data, social media, etc. The platform is capable of managing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. It interacts with systems of varying data maturity and is capable of secure transmission of information and data to external systems.

The Data Hub supported by message oriented middleware aggregates and converges and manages the complex data landscape at scale and high efficiency whilst ensuring data interoperability and data integrity. Analytics Hub transforms data into actionable intelligence and is powered by ML driven analytical models.

The Visualization and Operations Control Center has many features – Dashboards, Video wall, Social Media wall, Control Center, Communications, Incident and Alerts management, Workflow management, and Standard Operating Procedures The underlying technology landscape is architected with cross-cutting, open software designed for vast, diverse and high data maturity integrated system of systems, factoring in security and data integrity across all layers and the breadth of the platform. Systems resiliency, high availability, fault-tolerance, fast integration, implementation and go-live processes, horizontal and vertical scalability are built into the platform.

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