Enterprise Application Services

Innoart´s Enterprise Application services comprise business transformation programs in which we convert monolithic legacy apps to Enterprise Services which can be used by B2B, B2C & legacy app users. We have expertise in:

  • Designing and developing

    • Complex SOA-based applications using RPGLE

    • MQSeries based 3-tier application architecture and implementation on IBM i servers

  • Performing system analysis of databases built on non-relational models and building their DB2 database entity relationships

  • Automating implementation of application field expansion projects using custom developed programs

  • Developing IBM i tools required for application analysis and enable easier modernization

Innoart´s Enterprise Application Services are :

Agile to meet today´s changing demands

Robust to sustain business critical processes

Standardized to leverage your scale

And provide Predictable operational costs

Minimum risk

Minimal business disruption

Innoart is a technology company focused on being innovative, agile and unconventional like inclusion of artistic means to design innovation process and ensure necessary time and creative space for the development of innovation.

We are primarily based in Chennai, a cultural and urbanized city in South India with the longest natural urban beach in the country, along the Bay of Bengal. It is also called ‘The Detroit of India’.

With an innovative culture, our purpose is to solve problems and create solutions that organize information for people and organizations and empower them with intelligence, knowledge and wealth.