Analytics Hub

The Analytics Hub is powered by an analytics engine that extracts deep insights and generates high value datasets that drive organizational strategy and business decision support systems. The analytics pipeline constitutes the integration hub and analytics engine and visualization hub.

Integration aggregates a whole range of unstructured and structured data, real-time, streaming data, and big data from cloud-based data centers. The analytics engine performs ‘X analytics’ on a range of data (text, video, audio, web data, social media, data in the business and enterprise domain, open datasets in the public domain, streaming, time-series data, etc.) and cross-domain datasets in real-time. Analysis on stored and historical data is done using batch processing.

The visualization hub features interactive dashboards, dynamic data stories with customized user experience based on context, user role, and usage behaviour. Employing statistical learning, deep learning, and machine learning techniques, the analytics engine builds predictive models along with descriptive and diagnostic metrics and KPIs.

Principal component analysis, sentiment analysis, user and entity behaviour analytics, text, speech, video analytics are performed to provide a highly granular to holistic vision into the information. The framework can be implemented in distributed or federated machine learning and edge analytics where sharing/distribution of raw data are forbidden for untrusted or unauthorized users.

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