The Team


Founder and Managing Director

JP, as he is popularly known, is a graduate engineer and an IT-industry veteran. After working with various global IT organizations for over 20 years and delivering multi-million dollar projects in Europe, the US, Japan and the Middle East, JP decided to launch his own venture. When he is not running Innoart, JP loves listening to music and spending quality time with his family.


Co-founder and Director

Murali is over 20 years of experience has seen him globe-trot across two continents implementing projects in the BFSI space. Murali foresaw the advent of mobile computing and was one of the first technocrats who moved into the space. Murali brings this sagacity to Innoart, providing insights into strategy and financial management. Murali is a keen political observer and a movie buff.

Team Innoart

The Innoart team is a blend of experience and youth that is a powerhouse of experience in diverse business and technology areas. Legacy computing, modern technology or mobile computing the Innoart team handles everything with aplomb. The team believes that Customer Delight is their one and only credo.

People & Culture

Keeping the pace with our dynamic and fast environment means the learning to love change. People are always challenged to seek out new learning opportunities; to get to know one another in other parts of the organization and to ask the tough questions.

Based on our work culture we attract highly talented professionals and are able to retain them. We have fun, friendly employees and an incredibly supportive environment that values work-life balance. For us, fun is more than a needed break from work - it is part of work!

Our people are multi-faceted who combine high academic achievement with an entrepreneurial spirit, strong interpersonal skills, a desire for responsibility, and a healthy competitiveness.

We grow as a company by growing our people.

This insight is behind all our efforts to keep our people fulfilled and committed.

Core Values


Be creative. Be driven by innovative solutions for end users.


Simplify. Insist on high standards. Create customer delight.

Team Work

Communicate clearly and keep it simple. Empower individuals. We believe in developing the best talent. We show respect for each other.


Take risks. Think big. Dive deep. Genuinely listen. Challenge decisions. Be open minded.


Go Green. Take up initiatives for the social cause. Create more jobs.

Innoart is a technology company focused on being innovative, agile and unconventional like inclusion of artistic means to design innovation process and ensure necessary time and creative space for the development of innovation.

We are primarily based in Chennai, a cultural and urbanized city in South India with the longest natural urban beach in the country, along the Bay of Bengal. It is also called ‘The Detroit of India’.

With an innovative culture, our purpose is to solve problems and create solutions that organize information for people and organizations and empower them with intelligence, knowledge and wealth.