Innoart´s testing team validates customers´ applications independently. We work simultaneously with the development team to ensure test integration and enhance the teams´ efficiency. Innoart uses metrics-driven parameters, such as test case density, defect density and defect aging to make our testing more effective. Our testing team draws up various business scenarios to provide end-to-end requirements traceability and comprehensive test coverage. Customers gain an immediate return on investment as defects are detected earlier, resulting in minimizing recurrence and earlier rectification.

Innoart's testing services:

Develop test strategy

Draw up the test plan

Prepare test cases and test scripts

Innoart Test Range:

Functional testing

Non-functional testing

Unit testing

System integration testing

Regression testing

Innoart is a Chennai-based IT Services and Products company. We provide high quality Fintech solutions that revolve around our fully integrated, handheld PCI, EMV and STQC certified, Android-based devices. Innoart delivers Enterprise Application Services using a global delivery model, enabling customers to meet cost, quality and time objectives. Our flagship product, Simplico™, offers end-to-end, cloud-based or on premise HCM software for small, medium and large enterprises.