Increase your business: Make it convenient for customers to pay.


We offer a range of devices to suit your requirement. All our devices are EMV L1, EMV L2 compliant and PCI/PED certified, which ensures that payment transactions are always safe and secure. Accepting card payments is simple and trouble-free.


Setting up the device for your use is easy. Our devices connect using GPRS (mobile connectivity). Obtaining approval, from the Bank for card transactions is quick. You can use the in-built printer to print the customer confirmation slip and your transaction is closed.


Our management software, hosted in a PCI-DSS environment, enables you to have a real-time view of your transactions. You need not even count the money! A dashboard allows you to easily view or download account reconciliation statements. You get quick and hassle-free settlements.

Innoart is a Chennai-based IT Services and Products company. We provide high quality Fintech solutions that revolve around our fully integrated, handheld PCI, EMV and STQC certified, Android-based devices. Innoart delivers Enterprise Application Services using a global delivery model, enabling customers to meet cost, quality and time objectives. Our flagship product, offers end-to-end, cloud-based or on premise HCM software for small, medium and large enterprises.