Innoart has a range of payment solutions to meet the ever growing needs of merchants and consumers alike. Innoart’s solutions uniquely cater to every payment mechanism your customer may want, to ensure that you never have to turn away business.


Innoart’s payment gateway is PCI-DSS compliant and offers the highest form of security. Our gateway is configured with multiple banks to ensure that all transactions go through successfully, bringing down failure rates to near zero. Ease of setup, competitive pricing and attractive merchant features aid business to get going in the shortest time at the least cost.

Innoart’s PoS devices are BHIM ready. Our device has GPRS connectivity to link to the Aadhaar database and an in-built fingerprint sensor. In addition, Innoart’s device is EMV certified to ensure that your credit and debit cards too can be used on the same device, providing a comprehensive solution that can accept UPI, and Aadhaar-enabled transactions as well.

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Innoart is a Chennai-based IT Services and Products company. We provide high quality Fintech solutions that revolve around our fully integrated, handheld PCI, EMV and STQC certified, Android-based devices. Innoart delivers Enterprise Application Services using a global delivery model, enabling customers to meet cost, quality and time objectives. Our flagship product, offers end-to-end, cloud-based or on premise HCM software for small, medium and large enterprises.