Enterprise Application Services

Innoart´s Enterprise Application services comprise business transformation programs in which we convert monolithic legacy apps to Enterprise Services which can be used by B2B, B2C & legacy app users. We have expertise in:

  • Designing and developing
    • Complex SOA-based applications using RPGLE
    • MQSeries based 3-tier application architecture and implementation on IBM i servers
  • Performing system analysis of databases built on non-relational models and building their DB2 database entity relationships
  • Automating implementation of application field expansion projects using custom developed programs
  • Developing IBM i tools required for application analysis and enable easier modernization


Innoart´s Enterprise Application Services are :

Agile to meet today´s changing demands

Robust to sustain business critical processes

Standardized to leverage your scale

And provide Predictable operational costs

Minimum risk

Minimal business disruption

Innoart is a Chennai-based IT Services and Products company. We provide high quality Fintech solutions that revolve around our fully integrated, handheld PCI, EMV and STQC certified, Android-based devices. Innoart delivers Enterprise Application Services using a global delivery model, enabling customers to meet cost, quality and time objectives. Our flagship product, offers end-to-end, cloud-based or on premise HCM software for small, medium and large enterprises.