Companies buy different software, as they grow, to meet their business needs – some software for Accounting, other software for HR, a third software for Payroll purposes and then use manual methods to manage other aspects of their business. As a result, software instead of making it easier to run the business, makes it more complicated.
Our software is a complete Human Capital Management Software. Our software not only takes care of routine business functions, it additionally manages Tax and Statutory Compliance, Recruitment Management, Performance Management, Vendor Management and Customer Relationship Management. You can reduce the number of people managing your IT systems, because our software is cloud-based. You can save money, because our software is tailored to the number of employees that you have, and the specific features that you want to use.

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Innoart is a Chennai-based IT Services and Products company. We provide high quality Fintech solutions that revolve around our fully integrated, handheld PCI, EMV and STQC certified, Android-based devices. Innoart delivers Enterprise Application Services using a global delivery model, enabling customers to meet cost, quality and time objectives. Our flagship product, offers end-to-end, cloud-based or on premise HCM software for small, medium and large enterprises.